Use of Laser Cutting in Metalworking

The laser cutting technology is used in metalworking for cutting a metal into specific shapes or for engraving symbols or labels to the different metal sheets. Getting a laser cutting machine from a laser cutting machine for sale, you can use it to cut different types of metallic materials with great efficiency.

Laser cutting is basically a process that uses the power of a laser beam to cut metals and it is one of the most dominantly used in the industrial and manufacturing fields. Mostly these laser cutting machines are used for cutting flat metal sheets or the structural and piping metals. You may be thinking about how the laser cutting process actually takes place. Well, what actually the laser beam does is to make cuts on the metal through either burning the metal sheet, melting it or by blowing it away with forced pressure.

The word ‘laser’ itself starts for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. The principles of vaporization, melting, blow away, burning, cracking, thermal stressing and cold cutting are utilized to cut different metallic materials through laser cutting. The laser cutting technology has several advantages over the other methods for metal cutting. Buy laser cutting machine with high power so as to emit highly précised and powerful laser beams that will more efficiently cut the industrial materials.

Laser cutting technology gives you cleaner and more precise cuts. With the accuracy of a laser cutting machine you can always cut down on the costing of manufacturing and you can also lessen the amount of wastage that occurs in moulding metals in different shapes. Laser cutting is of three major types – Co2 laser, Nd and Nd-YAG laser. While the CO2 laser is used for cutting or engraving, the Nd one is used boring with high power and low repetition and the Nd-YAG laser is used for high power requirements.

A laser cutting system can be used in various sectors for cutting, engraving and labeling metals. Some of these sectors include architectural models, award trophies, education sector, medical technology, packaging design, promotional items, rubber stamps, signages and displays and smart phones and laptops.


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