Growing Popularity of Fiber laser cutting machine

With the popularity of fiber laser cutting machine growing fast many job shops are considering the advantages they can provide their business with regard to increased efficiency in turnaround time and operational cost.
Advantages of fiber laser technology
Fiber laser cutting machine have been shown to cut quicker and are affordable top operate than CO2 lasers when fabricating thin sheet metal up to 5mm in thickness.
In slicing thin sheet metals, they can slice almost three times quicker than CO2 machines and operating cost are generally half of what is needed to operate a CO2 due to having much lower power consumption and the lack of mirrors that are important in CO2 systems. Further, due to the absence of laser gas and mirrors they need less maintenance. Serving intervals are typically fifty percent longer with in turn permits for fifty percent lower servicing costs. Additional, they need less consumables to operate and the consumables needed are affordable than associated CO2 systems.
As the bean generated from the fibre optics is more readily absorbed into the metals, this gives the capability to cut reflective metals such as Aluminium, Brass, and copper whereas cutting those metals with a CO2 laser could destroy the machine due to intense back reflection. This gives bigger flexibility to take on more expansive job.
Research has shown that about 70% of all cutting equipments in a flat sheet metal cutting market are in the thin-stuff range under 5mm thick. This constitutes a big segment of the flat sheet metal market.
Fiber laser cutting machine for sale are generally affordable to buy than the equivalent CO2 lasers machine.
How to buy the right fiber laser cutting machine you need to consider a number of factors.
Bed size
The bed size of the cutter determines the amount of job you can do. The bed size varies from A3 to AI where the larger the size, the more the job that your machine can handle. The bed size is permanent spec, therefore you cannot replace in the future.
The plan should be based on the amount of job that you are planning of handling. For instance, if you are planning of handling big projects you should go for a machine with a big bed.

Optic standard
The standard of the topics is one that determines how perfect the machine works. Many unknowledgeable people believe that the wattage is the one that determines how perfect the machines jobs, but this is not true.
When making the purchase you should not trouble with the amount of energy that the machine uses – you should concentrate on the standard of the optics.
To determine the standard of the optics you should ask the seller to demonstrate how the cutter works on different settings and materials.
Ease of use
If you are a fresh buyer you most likely don’t know how to use fiber laser cutting machine. A best machine should come with a simple to follow manual. The manual should not just present you how to use the fiber machine, but also how to undertake minor repairs.


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