BRM 4060 – Top quality CO2 Laser Machines

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BRM Lasers – Name people trust for standard best in class laser machines in UK and all over Europe. We are one of the leading supplier of laser machines in UK, our each and every laser machine show our decades of experience in the field of laser cutting, engraving & marking

We basically offer 4 type of laser machine CO2 Lasers, Fiber Lasers, Portal Lasers, Metal Lasers.

Here we are show you one of the most versatile CO2 laser machines we offer.

BRM 4060 CO2 Laser Machine

Our all machines are versatile, easy to use, precise and at very affordable prices.

BRM 4060 CO2 Laser Machine is suitable for various industries for their material cutting, engraving.

It is equipped with servo motors confirming end product’s firmness.

Specification of BRM 4060 CO2 Lasers

  • 80W Laser tube
  • 400x600x230mm Work surface
  • Weight : 250 kg
  • Machine Dimensions : 920x1530x1050

All BRM machines are supplied with standard all-encompassing package.

BRM 4060 CO2 Laser Machine Accessories:

  • Height-adjustable honeycomb & slat table
  • 5 mm & 100 mm lens
  • Extraction system
  • Air compressor
  • Industrial water cooler
  • Rotation system
  • Professional software

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